The Beauty and Skincare Clinic in Lagos, Nigeria | 2018 February
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February 2018

26 Feb Medical Micro Needling

Microneedling is a treatment whereby a device with small needles is pushed over your face and neck area to create controlled punctures, which force your skin into repair mode. The micro-needle length can vary from 0.5 to 3.0 mm, which is incredibly tiny compared to a traditional needle...

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16 Feb New Services! – Permanent Hair removal; Eyelash extensions

*NEW* SERVICES AVAILABLE THIS MARCH Electrolysis for hair removal A permanent method aimed at using heat energy generated by electrical current to permanently destroy hair follicles and prevent future growth of unwanted hair. Individual Eyelash extensions Used  to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes, individual...

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16 Feb Non Surgical Nose Job

What is a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty? The non-surgical Rhinoplasty, or non-surgical nose job is a revolutionary non-invasive cosmetic procedure that allows the nose to be reshaped without surgery which is done through the use of injectable filler. The non-surgical nose job can correct imperfections on the nose, making it more balanced...

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