Belfiore Aesthetics | Bel Fiore Lagos Wellness Series
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Bel Fiore Lagos Wellness Series

25 Jun Bel Fiore Lagos Wellness Series

Bel Fiore hosted her first Lagos Wellness Series on June 19th 2016.

The aim of the Lagos Wellness Series is to help promote the wellness and aesthetic industries in Nigeria.

The event was held at Chinaville restaurant, Lagos, Nigeria.

We had the pleasure of hearing the following speakers speak and answer questions in their areas of expertise.

Mena Imaekha; Holistic wellness expert, founder Omnutri

Chef Tolu Eros; Exec chef, founder Cookie Jar, Eros & Gourmet

Rehia Giwa Osagie; Fitness expert, founder Elite Box

Dr Akhere Aire, founder of Airesthetics and Dr Rapu led a botox and chemical peel demonstration, explaining and answering questions as they did so.

There were healthy canapés and juice for the guests.

It was a great outing. Both informative and enjoyable.

Below are some photos from the event.


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Special thanks to our sponsors: Zaron cosmetics, Live and Blossom foods, Bethesda Water, Indigo Arya, Oriki Group. Mr Ekpa groundnut.

We are counting down till the next!

Dr Uju Rapu