Belfiore Aesthetics | Dark Eye Circles a bother?
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Dark Eye Circles a bother?

19 Jan Dark Eye Circles a bother?

Hi Beauties, Happy new year.

Dark circles under the eyes are a common complaint! As we age, skin is thinner and loses collagen.

Blood vessels are closer to the skin surface and make eye area appear darker.


– Puffy eye lids or hollows under the eyes, (which develop as normal sign of aging) can cast a shadow that causes appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

– Dark circles are not necessarily a sign of tiredness but stress and fatigue may worsen appearance.

– Some people notice that dark circles tend to run in families as well!

– Dark circles may be caused by allergies and associated rubbing of eyes

– Sun exposure

– Lifestyle choices such as smoking, caffeine consumption, alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation,

dehydration, dietary deficiencies can cause under eye circles


Treatment will depend on the cause of your dark circles. Hollows that cause shadows can be smoothed
with injectable fillers.

Self care? Extra sleep, avoiding rubbing the eyes, use of a sunscreen, sleeping with your pillow propped up to prevent pooling of fluid in eyelids. With products, we would recommend eye creams with vitamin c (collagen stimulation & a brightener), anti swelling and draining proteins that we know are targeting the various possible causes of dark circles.

Products available in clinic.