Belfiore Aesthetics | Habits that turn the clock faster!!!
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Habits that turn the clock faster!!!

23 Jul Habits that turn the clock faster!!!

During your teenage years, I can bet you tried on mummy’s shoes and lipstick, you tried wearing her bras as well, right? Ever lied about being a few years older to a college guy that was desperately trying to get your attention just because you knew that he would run off if he knew how young you were?

Time is a very tricky commodity, at some point in our lives, we couldn’t wait to be adults and just when that time came, we wanted to go back to being kids, we became obsessed with the idea of looking young and sometimes even being occasionally a little excessive. Doctors advise healthy lifestyle choices like, putting off the cigarette, taking walks, embracing fruits and veggies could help you delay the aged look but there are daily habits that you do innocently with no idea how they speed up your aging process. Here are 5 habits that could bring them wrinkles, you’re welcome beautiful! Belfiore’s gat you!


5 habits that make you age faster.

Yes, we agree, you are a #brownskingirl with a beautiful melanin saturated skin that absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun but, the benefits of using sunscreen and moisturizers are limitless, especially if its to keep looking fresh and young.  The sun is the biggest factor in aging skin and no race or colour is immune to that, so if you don’t want wrinkles gracing your face before its time, make sure you lather your skin with moisturizer and sunscreen daily preferably before makeup.

Source; loreal paris


  • OVER WASHING THE FACE; washing and exfoliating your face too frequently could make you look older, stripping protective oils from your skin making it look dull and lifeless. Also, exfoliating too harshly or too often can lead to wrinkle-causing inflammation, THEREFORE, STICK TO THE “TWICE DAILY RULE” and make sure your cleansing agents are suitable for your skin.



  • WEARING TO MUCH MAKEUP; Too much powder, eyeliner, lipsticks, mascara etc. Could have looked really good in the 90s, now though, not only is it outdated, but also very unhealthy. Too much makeup will clog your skin pores, remove natural oils that protect the skin and this could cause premature lines and wrinkles. It could also settle in the fine lines in your skin, further emphasizing the lines and wrinkles you are desperately trying to hide.




  • LACK OF SLEEP AND YOUR PILLOWCASE; Honey, have you been netflixing all night? Getting little or no sleep is actually making you age faster. According to a study published in the journal Sleep, sleep deprivation can increase aging at a cellular level, meaning there’s no time like the present to start aiming for eight hours a night.Your beddings are also contributing to the premature lines and wrinkles. if your pillowcase is made from anything other than silk, you could be bringing on premature wrinkles and sagging, Dermatologists say “Pillowcases made of cotton restrict your skin from smoothly moving and keeping its natural shape and form, therefore, we think silk and satin would be great.


Image by © John-Francis Bourke/Corbis


  • USING STRAWS AND PLASTIC BOTTLES; Plastic pollution has recently become a global environmental concern, however, plastic straws and bottles are also not your friends, they cause you to look older than you really are because, sipping from straws or directly from plastic bottles can lead you to have lip lines and wrinkles around your mouth, so, ditch the straw and drink from the glass babe!


source; shuttershock


All that being said, don’t forget, drink a lot of water, embrace your fruits and veggies, try to use your gym membership from time to time, don nice sunglasses and #operationnowrinkles is on!!!


written by Folashade Akintunde for Belfiore Medical