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Lose that stubborn fat!

19 Sep Lose that stubborn fat!

The new non surgical Fat Lipolysis

The Ceccarelli lipolysis is a new fat lipolysis (breaking down of fat) treatment of areas with resistant pockets of fat that do not respond to dieting or weight loss methods.

The Ceccareli solution, containing Vitamin C and Iron, uses the body’s own metabolism to break down fat cells, causing a natural cell death.

Result is a reduction in unwanted bulges. Most often used to reduce fat around the hips, tummy, upper arms, love handles and saddle backs.

Results are seen after a day with the Ceccarelli treatment and improves over the next 2 weeks. There are no known side effects.

Take your weight loss to the next level, book an appointment today to learn more about our Ceccarelli lipolysis treatments.

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