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Myths about Facial Fillers

10 Jan Myths about Facial Fillers

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A Filler is a pre packaged syringe of a product called Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule your skin naturally produces to attract water, keeping the skin firm and plump.

We use injectable fillers to correct hollow areas in the face. Below are some common myths and explanations around fillers.



MYTH 1 – Fillers cannot be reversed after it’s done

Not True! Fillers can be dissolved at any time you want it to with a product called Hyaluronidase. Complete dissolution occurs within minutes.


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MYTH 2 – Fillers look more artificial rather than natural
Not True! An experienced injector can work with your current facial features to enhance and improve without giving an unnatural appearance.


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MYTH 3 – Fillers can be placed anywhere, they are all the same
Not True! Not all fillers are made for your lips or sunken eyes. It is important have the right type of filler placed in each region.


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MYTH 4 – You might end up with a saggy lip and saggy eye bags after the filler dissolves

Not True! the skin simply shrinks back as the filler dissolves over time


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MYTH 5 – Fillers do not last very long

It comes down to the type of filler injected. For longer lasting fillers, ask for a more premium product.


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MYTH 6- Filler procedure is unendurable and immensely painful

Not true! Many filler products are packaged with numbing solution mixed into
them. Topical numbing ointments provide additional relief. Additionally,
micro-cannulas which are blunt tipped – not sharp, like needles, typically have
minimal discomfort


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MYTH 7 – Filler is a very expensive procedure

Not as expensive as plastic surgery! The price is fair enough.



MYTH 8 – Filler has very terrible side effects

Most common side effects are swelling and bruising which tend to settle within a week. It is important to ensure that injectable procedures are performed only by trained medical professionals with accurate knowledge of facial anatomy and vasculature, in order to avoid complications.


Diagram-fillers blindness
MYTH 9 – People get botched and blind from fillers
Many blood vessels run across the face especially the nose. Only a trained medical professional will know this, and as such you run less risk of complications by having this done by the right professional.


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MYTH 10 – Fillers are ungodly and mess with your natural look

Not true! Its superstitious to think fillers or anti-aging procedures are ungodly.


MYTH 11 – Fillers can replace a surgical facelift, results will still be the same
While fillers add volume and can give the appearance of “looking lifted,” they
cannot ever replace the results of surgery, which lifts and tightens the deeper
tissues while removing excess and sagging skin.


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MYTH 12 – Fillers can be self-administered or by administered by any one.

Do not try administering fillers yourself. And ONLY TRAINED MEDICAL

We hope we have answered your pressing questions on fillers. Call us to learn more +2347031951642