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Are you experiencing severe mood swings, depression, low body image, low self-esteem or suicidal thoughts? Have you seen a therapist or do you not see the need to do so? In this write-up, we shall be explaining in detail the need for seeing a therapist and when to see one.

Who is a therapist?

A therapist is different from a psychiatrist, who is a doctor that treats mental health issues. A therapist is a professionally trained and licensed to provide treatments for emotional health issues.

A therapist’s goal is to help patients/clients make decisions and clarify their feeling in order to solve life problems.


Psychotherapy offers a safe place to talk through life challenges such as breakups, griefs, parenting difficulties, or family struggle. For example, couples counseling can help you and your partner work through relationship troubles and learn new ways of relating to each other.

What are the benefits of therapy?

There are countless benefits of therapy and amongst which are the following:


  • It helps you learn more about yourself and improves your level of self-awareness
  • It boosts self-love and appreciation
  • It helps you to experience a more fulfilling relationship
  • You are more likely to have better health
  • It helps you achieve your goals
  • Therapy leads to improvement in all areas of life
  • It helps you see your thoughts from a different perspective
  • It helps you set time aside to confront feelings
  • It helps you feel less alone with your problems
  • It relieves you from the burden you are bearing and in turns reduces the suicidal thoughts

When to Visit a therapist


So many people do not know when to see a therapist. If you are experiencing any of the following emotions or feelings to the extent that they interfere with life, then you need to see one.

Symptoms include the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Overwhelm
  • Disproportionate rage, anger or resentment
  • Agoraphobia (An anxiety disorder)
  • Anxious and Intrusive thoughts
  • Apathy
  • Hopelessness
  • Social Withdrawal

Below are signs indicating the need to see a therapist:



  • When symptoms cause significant distress in your life
  • When nothing you have done seems to have helped
  • Your friends or family are tired of listening to you
  • You start abusing or overusing something/someone to help alleviate your symptoms
  • People have noticed and said something to you



At Bel Fiore, we care about your emotional wellbeing. We have a certified clinical psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience in counseling and providing relief for emotional symptoms ranging from anxiety, stress, relationship issues, depression and suicidal thoughts, gender issues and more.

For further inquiries and bookings, please contact belfiore Medical Aesthetics via 07031951642/08108835701.