Belfiore Aesthetics | Why you may benefit from a Vampire (PRP) Facial
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Why you may benefit from a Vampire (PRP) Facial

25 Jul Why you may benefit from a Vampire (PRP) Facial

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) / Vampire Facial 


The PRP or Blood Facial was popularised by the above photo of Kim Kardashian.  It consists of treating the skin with the patient’s own blood.

Platelet-rich plasma is plasma that contains more platelets than normally found in the blood. Best known for their role in clotting blood, platelets also contain proteins called growth factors. These proteins are extremely important in the healing process. The platelet concentration in PRP can be up to 10 times richer than usual, meaning that the concentration of growth factors is also much higher. Growth factors are necessary in the wound healing process, required for production of new collagen.

How treatment works?

The PRP preparation is developed by first drawing blood from the patient. Then, the platelets are separated from the other cells, and through a process called centrifugation.  The plasma is drawn and injected directly on the skin using a needle or micropen (dermaroller).

Who benefits?
Patients with wrinkles, lines, puffy eyes, dark eyes, stretch marks and even hair loss will benefit from this treatment

Benefits of PRP in the Skin
– Tissue regeneration and rejuvenation,
– An increase in collagen production, which increases skin thickness and overall skin health.
– Decreased genetic pigmentation under eyes
– Tighter skin
– Reduction in lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and other scars in the skin
– Fading of stretch marks
– Smoother, healthier looking skin

PRP also a Promising treatment of Alopecia

PRP acts to feed and prompt growth of sluggish hair follicles that we see in hair loss and has been noted a great advanced technique in treatment of alopecia and balding in both men and women.

PRP treatmens are now available in clinic

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