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13 Sep
Dangers of Hydroquinone

In recent times, we have had the media portray a certain idea of beauty, long straight hair, skinny toned bodies, and fair skin...

26 Aug

Ayomipe knew the battle line had been drawn when Chichi mentioned that her ex, Enyinna would be at the wedding that weekend, she...

23 Aug
Heal your Skin with your Mind

“As she read his confession of love, her pupils dilated, her eyes grew wide with surprise and her dark coloured skin glowed with...


Source: Are you experiencing severe mood swings, depression, low body image, low self-esteem or suicidal thoughts? Have you seen a therapist or do...

05 Aug
Skin trends or Skin threats?

Skin trends that may be doing more harm than good! If you scroll through Instagram or Youtube right now, the first five posts you’ll...

30 Jul
Eat your way to a better skin

6 foods for flawless skin. Doctors always emphasize during a consultation or checkup, the importance of nutrition to health. They sing the songs of...